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STORM Eindhoven has developed the world's first electric touring motorcycles and rode it around the world in 80 days. The team proved that electric mobility is cool, and ready to be used all over the globe.


STORM has developed the first electric touring motorcycle. With the innovative modular battery pack, we can re-energize the motorcycle in a matter of minutes by swapping the batteries. The pack is also modular, enabling the user to leave some batteries out of the motorcycle when they are not needed. With its long range (380 km), STORM WAVE proved to be able to ride 23.000 km around the world, electrically.


From August 14th to November 2nd, STORM raced around the world within 80 days during its own World Tour. The goal: to demonstrate that electric mobility works and that it is cool! The 16 countries have been crossed by using only the existing electricity grid. STORM Supporters all over the world allowed us to recharge our batteries daily. Hereby, thousands of people around the world have experienced electric mobility up close.


23 students from Eindhoven University of Technology have taken on this huge challenge. They have been working together across disciplines since September 2014, building technology, public relations and logistics to achieve one goal: to tour around the world on our self-developed electric motorcycles. The dedication and the enthusiasm of this team are what made STORM a success. The lesson: nothing is impossible!

We never stood alone

STORM has taken on a huge challenge and has been working to achieve their goal since September 2014. However talented and dedicated our team is, we could not have faced this challenge alone. Both businesses and individuals have helped us overcome our challenges by joining the STORM Community .


STORM partners support the project with various means, from constructing parts of the motorcycles, to delivering the gear for the STORM World tour.


Our STORM ambassadors helped us spread the word within their communities and networks, providing our project with more publicity and credibility.

STORM panel

The STORM Panel consists of a variety of experienced and successful professionals that supported STORM with their knowledge and expertise.


Many of our fans have supported STORM via our crowdfunding campaign. Thank you!


Each day a university, individual or company invited STORM to sleep & charge. Without those fantastic people, the World Tour had been impossible.


Over the past year STORM has gained a lot of momentum. Supporters have followed us on tv, facebook and twitter, they spread our word and help us tell our story to the entire world.

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