Designing the first electric touring motorcycles

Having to cover 23.000 kilometres in 80 days has challenged STORM Eindhoven to create two motorcycles that hold great amounts of energy, but also enable the driver to easily replenish this energy. After developing the prototype, STORM Pulse, STORM has taken the next step and developed the STORM Wave.

The motorcycles use a swappable, modular battery pack to be able to adapt its characteristics to the demands of the route. Furthermore, the motorcycles will have a major advantage over cars when navigating through crowded cities.


The ultimate advantage of electric vehicles over their fossil fueled competitors, is the immense power. Combining this power with zero-emission, and the possibility to easily swap and charge batteries, means the sky is the limit for STORM Wave.


STORM Wave are not the only electric motorcycles around. There are plenty of electric motorcycles, but none of them offer the freedom of driving over 500 kilometres a day.

This is where the STORM Wave stands out. A 28.5 kWh battery pack gives the motorcycles a range of 380 kilometres without charging. When empty, the energy can be renewed within 7 minutes by swapping the battery!


Last but not least, we can all agree on the pleasure aspect of driving a motorcycle. This vehicle is an icon of bold, sexy and fast commuting.

By combining the freedom, power, desirability, and flexibility in STORM Wave, we aim to show how far one can really get by driving electric.


STORM Wave looks magnificent from the outside, but it is the inside that makes the difference. The entire motorcycles have been developed and built from scratch. Here are some examples of what has made STORM Wave to be so unique.

Modular batteries

Not only can we renew our battery pack fairly easy; it is also modular. This gives the driver the opportunity to adapt the vehicle to the circumstance it faces that day.

Hossack suspension

The key to making it around the world, is the comfort factor that the motorcycles offer. The driver should be able to enjoy the journey. STORM's self-developed front suspension makes sure that the front is as stable and comfortable as can be.


Working together with innovative companies, we are able to equip STORM Wave with the SmeshGear. A new type of planetary 2-step transmission that brings exceptional performance and efficiency to the STORM Wave.

STORM World Tour
From Design to Prototype
Video Diary: Electronics
Video Diary: Frame

Facts & Figures

Acceleration (0-100 km/h) 5.0 seconds
Top speed 160 km/h
Range 380 km
Length 2170 mm
Wheelbase 1540 mm
Height 1480 mm
Width 760 mm
Weight (Touring) 340 kg
Weight (Empty) 160 kg
Mainframe Self-developed aluminium sheet frame
Thanks to: Soltech Fijnmetaal
Front suspension Hossack
Thanks to: CoMaTech and Innometaal
Rear suspension Double swingarm
Thanks to: AMT Group
Damping Custom shock absorbers
Thanks to: TFX Suspension
Front tyre Roadsmart II (120/70)
Thanks to: Dunlop Motorcycle
Rear tyre Roadsmart II (190/55)
Thanks to: Dunlop Motorcycle
Motor Emrax 228
Thanks to: Enstroj
Power (Nominal) 35 kW
Power (Maximum) 70 kW
Torque (Nominal) 120 Nm
Torque (Maximum) 240 Nm
Transmission Smeshgear
Thanks to: Smesh
Battery technology Lithium-ion
Format 18650
Fixture Phase Change Material (PCC)
Casing Aluminium
Thanks to: Sapa Extrusion
Capacity (Touring) 28.5 kWh
Capacity (Race) 14.25 kWh
Cartridges (Touring) 24
Cartridges (Race) 12
Swapping time 7 minutes
Charging time 8 hours
Fastcharging time (0-80%) 38 minutes

Motorcycle media

If all this info doesn't make you want some crisp images of STORM Wave, we don't know what will. Below you can find some media to cater to your needs.

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