STORM World Tour 2016

Our team has set the ambitious goal to go around the world in 80 days with our electric motorcycle. At first, the team planned to participated in the 80DR. However, after rescheduling, STORM made its own plans to circumnavigate the globe electrically.

The STORM World tour (August 14 - November 2 2016) was an enormous succes! STORM Wave is solely powered by the existing electricity grid, which served as the perfect method to reach million of people.

This world tour is the ultimate proof of concept for both our motorcycle and electric mobility as a whole. All the involved parties together form the STORM GRID: a worldwide network of plug-in locations that made this project possible.


Proof of concept

STORM Wave is designed for long distance touring. The STORM World Tour challenged the durability of the motorcycles during 23 thousand kilometers. Battery swapping turned out to be key to achieving our goals, especially with the time pressure of 80 days.


The STORM World Tour made a large impact on the world, showing the capabilities of e-mobility and our Innovation. During the tour, over 100 events have been hosted. Via the media, millions of people have been reached.


To show the possibilities for electric vehicles today, STORM recharged its batteries using only the existing electricity grid. Power is supplied by the many companies, households and educational institutes that took part in our network: the STORM GRID.

The route

The STORM World Tour covered 23 thousand kilometers over land. We drove our motorcycle through Europe, central Asia and China to the harbor of Shanghai. After sea transportation, our team made a tour through the United States before finishing in Eindhoven in the Netherlands. August 14 2016 - November 2: 80 days to remember.


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