Day 1 - August 15, 2016

Journey of today

Departure place

Munich. Germany

Destination place

Vienna, Austria

Departure time


Arrival time



462 km


6 hours

Charge at: TU Vienna

TU Vienna student team: TUW Racing – Rennteam der TU Wien

Pretzels, inverters and the residential quarters - by Senja Boom

It is difficult to say when yesterday ended and today started. We were supposed to sleep in a hostel in Munich, where the smell created visions of a frequently used, non-ventilated dressing room in Rio. Instead some of us spent all night repairing the STORM Wave while others were re-organizing and planning the logistics for the next day. When we finally did find our beds, we were as happy as could be: We could finally get some sleep and we had fixed the STORM Wave!

This morning some of our team members just went to bed and were still trying to catch a few hours of sleep, while most of us were receiving a warm welcome at the Deutsches Museum Verkehrszentrum. They support not just STORM, but e-mobility in general and we were offered a spot in their exhibition when we get back. We can totally see the STORM Wave placed next to this eye-catching electric invention, that reminds us a bit of something out of Eric in the Land of Insects.

They also gave us a heart in order to stay safe, but also as a gift for the next stop: Vienna.

After a great brunch with leberkäse, frankfurters, kaiserbrötchen and Pretzels we gave a final demonstration of the STORM Wave and we were off to Vienna.

The weather was great, and we were making great progress, until the motor shut down again. The same problem we had fixed the night before had re-appeared. A very wise counselor and mother to our team, Mia Jelsma from Eindhoven University of Technology, told us a few days ago: "Where others would flip out and drop everything, you just keep going. You must be used to dealing with problems nowadays." It turns out she is right in this case. When I heard the news of the motorcycle shutting down over the portable radio, I got a mini stroke, heart attack and mild depression all at once, but one second later I was listening to the team organizing itself and getting ready to fix the problem. Because our eyes were heavier than our motorcycle and since the facilities would be better there, we decided to drive to Vienna and fix our STORM vehicle there. In the meantime, part of the team traveled to Stuttgart, to consult with our partner Unitech and get the spare parts we need to fix our motorcycle.

In Vienna we were received at the residential quarters of the Dutch ambassador. We had some amazing bio-steak wraps for dinner and got to see the residential bathroom which was more fancy than any of our student homes. After a short presentation and a lot of chitchat on e-mobility we all received a great success card with a painting of the ambassadors house, painted by the ambassador himself, and we were off again. On to our next stop: The workplace of TUW Racing. They are a fellow student team, building an electric racing car to compete in the Formula Student, like our own URE. They were kind enough to let us use their workshop for repairs and charging, while some of us slept at the TU Wien. We felt right at home, because, like in every student office, it is a comfortable mess in there. Tomorrow morning we will head back there to have breakfast with TUW Racing and I'm looking forward to it. But now it's time for bed.

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