Day 42 - September 25, 2016

Shanghai Auto Museum, 7565 Boyuan Rd, Jiading, Shanghai, China

STORM is half way through the World Tour and just finished the Chinese leg of the adventure! A lot of impressions have been made and many people experienced e-mobility first-hand. Not only that, but STORM passed by many Chinese projects that will create a change for the future of China and the world. Students, children and companies have been reached and this is the feeling that should come back in the Shanghai finish celebration.

The world is developing and new technologies are coming every year. So, the goal of this event is to let everyone experience the up and coming technologies first hand. This will be done on an area that is renowned for events and innovation and where many people (more than 5.000) can come and visit. Together with the leading innovators and educational institutes, STORM will reach many different target groups and will entice them to think about the future!

Main Participants:

EVCARD as main organiser

Tongji University as participant:

    Vehicle to X communication exhibit with some cars
    Dian Racing team exhibit: few shows of the racing cars driving in a confined area

Our partners as examples of companies working on and supporting future developments in E-mobility with stands to showcase themselves:


Other interesting parties

    Electric cars manufacturers
    New energies companies

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