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A long but rewarding day! - By Maartje Verhoek

Istanbul, August 19, 2016

Today was the longest day thus far, but we made it to Istanbul! But first let us focus on the driving day in Bulgaria. The first event that morning was in Sofia, where the motor was welcomed by vice-minister Vezieva, the Dutch Ambassador in Sofia, mayor of Sofia and the CEO of the Sofia Tech Park. Furthermore all national media were present to show the way Sofia became part of the STORM World Tour. For an impression, view the following item:

After the event in Sofia, we continued to Stara Zagora where we were escorted by the police (with electric scooters! J) such that the local people could also see what electric transport looks like.

The early diner took place just before the border to Istanbul, where we could enjoy the riverside view. Some time was also spent on arranging our convoy vehicles as to cross the border we had to make sure that every convoy vehicle contained exactly what was specified on the ATA Carnet. Quite remarkable that after barely one week, we already managed to misplace quite some equipment… Luckily we managed to arrange everything before the thunder and lightning started, which gave us some nice shots: empty road, complete convoy and lightning on the background!

After that the customs process started, which as you might have seen on our social media took quite some time… After a tiring 10 hours, we and especially all our equipment could be imported legally into Turkey. Luckily our Turkish student team colleagues had very nice beds awaiting for us at the Technical University of Turkey.

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