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A long day - By Daan Kempenaar

Seattle, October 2, 2016

Today was a long day for part of the team, perhaps the longest day in our lives and by that I mean literary the longest day. That is because we had traveled across the Great Ocean and traveled across the International Day Line, giving us extra time in one day.

So today we have spent a large amount of time in airplanes to travel from Shanghai to Seattle. The motorcycles, the vans and most of our goods were already shipped, now it was time to move the rest of the team. We also had to bring some spare parts and tools for the motorcycles in our personal luggage. This meant we had strict control checks from the customs officers who were quite interested in these abnormal goods but after some explanation we were good to go!

We had one transfer at airport Incheon near Seoul, South-Korea. Luckily for us we don't need a visa to travel to South-Korea and we had about 4 hours to get our next airplane to Seattle. This meant we had some time to get a stamp in our passports and maybe even get a glimpse of Seoul. However, 4 hours wasn't much time to go to the center of Seoul. Therefore some team members explored South-Korea near the airport and some took the gamble to go to the city. I took the gamble and traveled by express train. This was quite an adventure as we had to travel 45 minutes to the city, 45 minutes back to the airport, buy the tickets and get back to the gate in time. This meant we only had 30 minutes to explore Seoul. It wasn't much time and it stayed exciting till the very last minute!

I have to say I enjoyed this little adventure during and got to see a glimpse of Seoul but it stayed a gamble and I didn't feel very comfortable until we were finally back in the airplane to Seattle. We wanted to maximize our 30 minutes in Seoul. Therefore we ran through the city and around the train station. Running through red lights, getting hailed by a police officer, getting soaking wet by the rain, and only getting back to the train 1 minute before it left… If we had missed it, we would miss our flight… In hindsight maybe a little bit too much of a gamble. However, we made it and we can tell the story with a smile on our faces! We had really seen some of South-Korea and now it is a stamp with a story.

Then we still had to travel about 10 hours across the Great Ocean. Luckily the flight was comfortable. We had good food, nice slippers, a TV screen with movies and the seats where comfortable. A large part of the journey we could sleep and take some rest from the hectic and exciting days in Shanghai. Now a new adventure awaits us in the USA, with new cars, a different culture, and a lot of exciting STORM events! I can't wait to get going again and show the motorcycle to America.

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