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A relaxed day in Austin - By Jules Frints

Austin, October 16, 2016

Yesterday, we explored Austins nightlife, because for once we could sleep in the next day. Nevertheless, some of us wanted to experience more of local culture. We joined our hosts for Sunday mass in their local church. That meant leaving at 7.45! Half an hour driving later, we were in church. It was different from, but similar to church in the Netherlands. Structure and texts were almost the same, while people were different and seemed more serious. It was a nice experience, after which we drove back.

An hour after returning to the house, our hosts had prepared great breakfast with pancakes, bacon and an oven dish including egg and green chile. We had our breakfast at a conveniently slow pace, by the pool, because the first event today required us to leave only at 13.45. We met the mayor of Austin in front of the city hall, as well as NXPs CEO for a chat and a picture. After that, we drove a few minutes to a location outside the city for a great view on Austin, some pizza and a chat with sponsor Rhenus and some of his contacts.

Some of us concluded this more relaxed day with a dive in the pool, others went to the Elephant room, a jazz bar in Austin, while some also worked the evening on the motorcycle or already the planning of our next ocean crossing.

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