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Almaty - By Maurice Poot

Almaty, September 9, 2016

I can´t recall everything from my last holiday, but I do remember how I felt when I met crazy people on the street that made some nice music. This is the same, however I feel like I´ve experienced more throughout the day because the organizers of STORM do all the thinking for me. I just sheep mode with the rest of the group. It feels unfair but they get the excitement to fix stuff along the route.

I want you to try to understand what we experience during the STORM World Tour. The day I am trying to recall is the day from Cholpon Ata to Almaty. It has been 4 days ago and I remember the shower perfectly. I had to go on my knees to keep enough pressure on the shower head. We had breakfast in a nice hut in the garden. We liked the eggs and warm tea.

After a long drive near the Kazakh border, we had some quick sanitary stops near the road. Remco and I really liked the nice deep house summer music from Daan, its better than the local stuff on the radio. The border was easy-peasy and it was even more fun to sit at the local police stop because I missed the STOP sign just before the border. While we were waiting Daan told me crazy stories of their pioneering journey to Kazakhstan. They had to cross the border with a taxi. Throughout the day we talk a lot of bullsh*t, no really, a lot of bullsh*t. It makes waiting much more fun and keeps the atmosphere light.

After the border it was a short drive to Almaty where we could charge at the university. The people took really good care of us. I had some dust in my eyes, it was not resolved after some tears, so they escalated my little problem quickly and took me to the doctor at the sport facilities of the university. And then it went crazy. We had wooden beds, only hot water (no cold water) and 17 year old girls and boys outside our dorm making music with a miss pitched guitar. Those girls made like 40 selfies with me, and that's just me, we were like superstars. Crazy. Just crazy. This whole world tour is crazy.

You can't recall all exact events, but you do remember (after a little thinking) what happened and how you felt. That's what we'll carry with us for our entire lives. It changed us and it is still changing us. In the end, the memories we had and have are the ones that shaped us to become the people we are now. This world tour is definitely a self-defining memory for all of us.

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