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Beautiful mountain ride and our first encounter with Iranian cops - By michiel Kusters

Gorgan, August 28, 2016


This morning I said goodbye to my new Iranian friends. I really liked the tea party we had the night before, where we talked a lot about the situation in Iran. Apparently it is possible to talk openly about all the rules and limitations in Iran if you find the right persons.

After the exchange of contact information, it was time to leave Tehran. Well, leaving Tehran took another hour or so. The scale of the city is difficult to grasp as a simple Dutchman. Off to Gorgan!

The road to Gorgan is beautiful! Just out of Teheran we climbed to an altitude of over 2000 meters, where after we had to descend to sea level. The brakes of the motorcycle (and vans) where tested intensively.

After one week in Iran the team has gotten used to the local traffic situation, but somehow the local police has not. One of the vans got a ticket for overtaking at places it was not allowed to do so. Even though the officers do not speak English, it was very clear that he wanted to see some Dollars. He was satisfied after throwing 10 dollars in his direction. Though I think that a large part of these ten Dollars might've gone into his own pocket…

When we arrived at the agricultural university of Gorgan we were awaited by the local professors and people of who I have no clue who they were. We were immediately led into a room in which a local professor introduced Jeroen. I never experienced a presentation in Iran. It strikes that it is translated sentence by sentence and the Iranians ask a lot of polite questions.

To be able to charge our batteries we had to 'modify' the switchboard of the university 'a little'. For the technicians: we had to connect our cable at the wrong side of the fuses to be able to have enough charging power. Luckily a local technician was able to do this for us, so we were able to blame him if the place had burnt down.

In the evening we finally ate something else than Kebab, namely some kind of fish. It tasted really well! But there was no time to stick too long, as we have to get enough sleep.

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