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Cozy Cabins - By Jules Frints

High Hill, October 19, 2016

From Joplin, today we first had to drive about 250 km north, to Kansas City, a nice 1-batterypack drive at these speeds. There, we had a small event with Black and Veath, a company that does different kinds of infrastructural projects, mostly from a sustainable viewpoint. They showed us their rooftop solar panels, which were part of the smart grid they used to power part of the building.

After the small tour, we drove off in eastward direction, back into Missouri again. Unfortunately, we again had battery problems. That is, truck number 3 again had a flat battery and wouldn't start. Car 5 stayed behind to charge it, which took half an hour as always.

The other vehicles left to High Hill, a tiny place 300 km further. This 'city' counts an immense 195 inhabitants, and the camp where we slept even was somewhat outside the place, in a forest. Here, mostly children from elementary schools go to Christian camp, but today we had a cabin as well. We were welcomed by a group of children, in the pouring rain. Our last 40 miles were hard ones for the motorcyclist, due to the immense amount of rain, and even thunder and lighting. This probably is the first day with real heavy rain since we left. Also, temperature starts to drop now, so no more 30 degrees Celsius. Thank God we sleep in warm, cozy cabins!

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