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Drive to Wuwei

Wuwei, September 18, 2016

To maximize our sleep after two days with long drives, this morning we had our breakfast as a takeaway. It was really good, a pita-like piece of bread filled with sausage and another piece of flat garlic-bread. After that, we went to visit the solar facility at the university, of which they are very proud. It was an impressive field of different types of solar panels, of different ages as well. They told the plant could produce 6 MW of power. Our motorcycle was allowed to drive onto the plant for some nice pictures, perfectly suited for the promotion of sustainable transportation.

Our visit was only short, we had to drive to Wuwei, 460 km away. The ride was again rather boring, a long straight highway through mostly flat and often empty land. However, we only took one stop, where we swapped batteries, fueled our vans and changed the motorcyclist. Because of this, we arrived even earlier than expected in Wuwei! There, we again presented our motorcycle to the students, including a demonstration.

After the demonstration a rare occasion rose, and we had some spare time. Some of the girls went shopping and came across some street artists, they described as "unpleasant to say the least". Apparently the Chinese Do-Re-Mi has a slightly different pitch than ours. After returning to the hotel we found out that the rooms we stayed in were couples rooms, and apparently the Chinese do not keep any mystery in a relationship. The bathroom and bedroom were only separated by a semi-sheer glass, which meant that our bathroom habits were now no longer a private business.

The beds were comfortable though, so we went to bed early, knowing that we would get up early the next day, again for a long drive of almost 600 km.

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