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Experiencing China - By Senja Boom

Pingliang, September 19, 2016

Today started with a nutritious breakfast of noodles on bread. A combination you would never find on the website of "het voedingscentrum", but according to some tasted surprisingly well. It supplied us with enough energy for the drive from Wuwei to Pingliang.

Another day with a lot of kilometers to drive, but this time we had a nice view of the Chinese landscape as we expected it. Green mountains with grain terraces, buildings with pagoda rooftops and small canyons. Maartje was very happy to hear that she would be accompanying Laurens on the back of the motorcycle in this beautiful landscape. As those of you who watch our daily updates on YouTube may have seen, Maartje looks better in our motor suit than I do and even the rainstorm that started immediately after she had stepped on didn't bother her.

Upon our arrival in Pingliang all our vans were decorated with rainbow colored flags stating in Chinese that we were students from Eindhoven and we were welcome. We were escorted to our dormitories and were greeted by clouds of giggling girls and the smell of public toilets. They were evacuating rooms to make room for us when we arrived, so we had time to follow our nose to see what that smell was. It turns out the toilet stalls had no door, were all attached to the same tiled trench and there was no way to flush. By morning the individual heaps of crap had piled up to big piles of crap, that were flushed down the trench once a day with a few buckets of water by a guy with a lousy job.

We were all amazed and a little shocked by the sanitary system, but we didn't have much time to wonder about it before our presentation started. The principle gave us a very warm welcome in front of about 200 students and after our presentation it was time another motorcycle demonstration. Luckily our guide protected us from the normal selfie hoo-ha and led us straight to dinner. Dinner was delicious and the evening got even better when we heard we had access to Wi-Fi. Unfortunately the building with the router closed early, so we were seated on the curb outside, but we were able to send some emails and post some blogs. We will keep you up to date!

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