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Fixing the motorcycle in Vienna - by Yorick Heidema

Eindhoven, August 16, 2016

This morning we all woke up and met up in the early morning to decide on whether or not we could fix the motorcycle quickly to be able to make it in time for the event in Timisoara. The result of that meeting was that we did not have the parts, nor enough time to make it, therefore we stayed in Vienna for another day to fix the motorcycle. Furthermore, a team that already went to Stuttgart the night before to get some parts and knowledge about the broken inverter stayed there to fix the software and finish up.

Since we had to stay in Vienna, we had to call the following charging points to tell them that we would be a day later. Luckily everyone was very understanding and the events could be postponed without disappointing too many people.

Throughout the rest of the day, some people worked on fixing various parts of the motorcycles, whilst other prepared the logistics and materials needed for the following days.

Hearing of our troubles and knowing that we stayed in Vienna, the Dutch ambassador in Austria decided to invite us over for another night at his residence. Here the team could charge up again to face the upcoming challenges and some people even showed their talents!

At the end of the day, the team in Stuttgart mentioned that they probably have a solution for inverter issues, which will be tested tonight when they arrive at 2 am, meaning that we will be able to ride tomorrow morning!

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