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Guns and Football

Ozona, October 14, 2016

As the title suggests, today we got a taste of two of America's favorite past times. Yesterday we were invited at the gun range by our generous hosts and today we had been informed that we would star in the half time show at a local football game in Ozona, Texas. It was a day of new experiences and at the end of the day I gained a better understanding of why these hobbies are such an important part of society in America.

The day started off nice and early. At 6:45 I opened my eyes and my gaze was reflected by about 20 young ladies in full volleyball gear. It took me half a minute to process the situation… Then I recalled we had set up camp in the gym of the local high school. This happens when you sleep at a new location every day, for 60 days. I suppose that my brain was confused by the time and I lunged for my phone thinking I might have overslept. Later on, I overheard that indeed, these ambitious youngsters had voluntarily come to volleyball practice at 7 in the morning and had been so kind not to wake us up. I must say it gave me one of the most unique awakenings ever.

The reason we rose this early, was because we had opted to trade in some of our sleep for the unique opportunity to check out the firearms collection of the local gunslinger. And what a collection! 9mm pistols, revolvers and even Dirty Harry's own .357 Magnum was ours to wield. I must admit the ease with which I, who has never fired a gun before, could successfully wield a lethal weapon scared me. However I couldn't deny the feeling of exhilaration. To top it off a very large rifle case was presented to us, producing several grins. I suppose my exclamation when he opened the case, made me the lucky first to shoot the .338 scoped sniper rifle. We would have liked to stay and see more of the collection, but we were quickly back on the road with the football game ahead of us.

Ozona wasn't the largest of towns, but if you saw the turnout of the football game you had to be impressed. Every member of the Ozona society was there, the young were either playing football, playing in the marching band or cheer leading and the rest of the family was all in the audience cheering them on. If I'm honest, the game itself wasn't the most enticing to watch, but the curiousness of the kids around the motorcycle was. It was interesting to see that especially the younger generation was interested, clamoring around the motorcycle to get a turn to sit on it. I suppose it is easier to impress younger people but I couldn't help but hope that we left a lasting impression on those kids.

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