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Into Tehran - Heleen Bax

Tehran, August 26, 2016

The day started with a breakfast served in our large apartments. Somehow we as girls always get the best room, nothing to complain about that! Last night our apartment was checked to make sure there are no boys sleeping. During the day we had some time to work for ourselves. The technical team worked on the motorcycle, accidentally breaking a component, changing a relax working day into a stress moment. Luckily we fixed it :) The other part of the team, including me, has built up an office next to the best WiFi spot. All the mails received in the last days were answered, a Facetime call was difficult due to the bad connection, but I still had a little time to talk to my parents for the first time during this trip.

We were so glad to have pizza for lunch: no rice :) We ate it in a beautiful conference room, making the picture a little bit odd. After these office / workplace hours we were heading to the capital of Iran: Tehran. Today was the first time we have experienced crazy traffic: passing cars on the right and left side, making U-turn on the highway, driving with 5 rows of cars on 3 lanes etc, but all without honking! I think I will be a horrible driver once we'll be back in the Netherlands. In Iran, traffic goes with the first come first serve rule, just push your car somewhere you see a spot and you can go, while in the Netherlands we have rules like: whoever comes from the right side has priority, everyone on the roundabout may go first etc. This explains why most cars here are small and seeing me driving a 7,5m long van is almost a touristic attraction.

In Tehran we were welcomed by a large group of students, flowers and professors. Together we drove to Sharif University, walked to the city centre for some ice cream and ate kebab for the third day in a row. Because we were very tired, the birthday song for Maartje was done at 11:30 with the girls, so we could sleep right afterwards. It was her birthday in Turkmenistan anyway, our next country!

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