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Joost and his Jetlag day - By Joost Lammers

Paris, October 28, 2016

After a small detour to Ukraine, Senja and I landed at Charles de Gaulle Airport. After struggling with our bags and 44 kg of charging stations as personal luggage :/, we decided to take a cab to the hotel. Luckily, thanks to mobile maps, it is easy to communicate your desired destination, so after 15 minutes we arrived at our place, or at least, we thought we did... On top of that, our phone batteries died. I charged my phone battery at a random location to know the address and we asked someone to call a cab. Finally, in the middle of the night we arrived at our hotel. After 24 hours of traveling, we could happily go to sleep. :)

After waking up for breakfast at 9:00, I noticed that my brain was not ready for a new day, so my brain decided to spend a free day in Paris. Back to bed.

Jooost!! Could you grab Bart from the airport?? At 15:00, I awoke with a start. "uuhh, oh yes of course." I drove to Bart with my sleepy head and after a while we arrived at our new blue/yellow office: The IKEA. The guys who arrived a day earlier had set up a working space in the restaurant of the IKEA. "It is great here!", Jeroen said. "We have free Wi-Fi, nice chairs and unlimited re-fills of coffee!". When I noticed the 3 cups of coffee shared by 6 people he looked proud, like the best 'saving' student and like the happiest man on Earth. :) "Just use this cup Joost!"

While drinking this cheap-ass cup of coffee, I noticed a very bad smell. There were some rumors that Bas has turned into an alcoholic. The smell of alcohol was all around him so I kindly, but thoroughly, requested him to open his bag to do a quick check for bottles. A few minutes later Bas and I were heading to the laundry room. Al his clothes were soaked with some strange liquor he bought earlier in China and had transported all around the world, just to find the bottle shattered in his bag upon arrival in Paris.

The laundry would close at 19:30, so when leaving at 18:00 we thought we would make it. Maybe it is a little predictable, but indeed. We arrived back at the hotel at 21:00 without washed clothes. Driving through heavy traffic for 3 hours with Bas was of course one of the highlights of the day.

My first day in 'the city of love' ended with three drives to the airport to pick up the other STORM people. While lying in bed, my google search to 'Eiffel tower picture' did make my day. :)

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