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Leaving the paradise - By Joost Lammers

Dallas, October 17, 2016

In the fresh morning, the pool is bubbling, the squirrels are hopping, and the birds are singing songs in the trees. Wake up!! Wake up STORM!! The paradise dream has come to an end. After staying for two nights in the paradise of Matt and Claudia we have to continue with the real STORM World tour. We basically conquered their home for 3 days. ;) So we did not leave without doing a huge cleanup and an awesome "Thank You!". Thanks again Matt and Claudia!

Before really heading off to Dallas, we visited our awesome sponsor 'NXP'. Since the beginning of our project, NXP has supported the STORM project. Therefore, we were happy to tell all Dallas' employees the whole story of our project during the presentation. You could easily notice, that most people were proud of the company's support to our project.

The event ended with a cool visit to NXP's clean room and production line. Although earlier most curious STORM people looked quite tired, an impressive amount of questions were asked. Many of us have had 'chip' related courses, but seeing the machines live in action is quite cool I think.

After the event, the relays of STORM Wave switched on and off we went again. The hospitality of our next location; 'The University of Texas at Dallas', was great. We had a nice classroom to sleep, where a class started at 10.00 the next day and a great dinner was arranged. We could eat at the university, where we had a typical college diner. After dinner, some of us were watching a movie in the sleeping room and others were having a discussion about the logistical challenge of batteries en motorcycle transportation. Most importantly, we do not have a place to charge the batteries yet, but I am sure we will find a spot!

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