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Motor trouble in San francisco - By Michiel Kusters

Carmel, October 9, 2016

This day was supposed to be really relaxed. We did not have to cover a lot of distance to Carmel-by-the-sea, so we thought it would be nice to make some videos and pictures of Wave 1 at the Golden Gate bridge and other photogenic places. Unfortunately, the powertrain did not function. Strange, because the night before I drove it through San Francisco and it behaved flawlessly, and nothing happened in the meantime.

We discovered the IGBT-block of the inverter broke down, a problem which we have had before with Wave 1, so we took the time to try and fix it. After installing a new IGBT block on the inverter it broke down again immediately, so we decided not to fix it again until we knew what broke it. This was okay, because we still had Wave 2 that could drive to the event at Charge across Town, where some of our team members were.

In the afternoon we had to say goodbye to our amazing hosts at Piston & Chain. I want to thank them again for letting us stay in their shop for three nights! We felt lucky to have a roof over our heads, especially because there are so many homeless people all over San Francisco. It has been nice to see all the cultures and the freedom there.

On the way to Carmel-by-the-sea we drove through Silicon Valley and we made some stops at the headquarters of Google and Tesla. It was fun to swap our batteries at the leading manufacturer of electric vehicles. We showed them how it is done ;)

By the time we arrived in Carmel it was already dark and our host Richard had the barbecue ready for us in his beautiful mansion. Richard is planning to set up a whole curriculum around our motorcycle for the children at the Boys&Girls club, a kind of after-school program for all ages.

The barbecue that Richard and Amy had arranged for us was magnificent, but then we had to charge our batteries. We were lucky that the whole neighborhood was invited, because we had to look at all of their houses to see if we could find a suitable socket. It turned out there were none... Luckily America is the home of Wallmart and they are open until 01:00 in the morning, so we were able to buy the right plugs there. That, including a lot of insulation tape made sure we were able to drive on the next morning.

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