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Mountains, off-road and rain: we conquered it all!

Sofia, August 18, 2016

From Timisoara, our journey went further towards Bulgaria. We gathered our batteries, which were spread all over the three stories of the building we slept in. The route today started with some kilometers of highway flowing through fields of sunflowers, but soon it changed into B-roads. Here, our choice for an electric motorcycle was rewarded: curvy roads up and down hill, hairpins, good quality roads (thanks to the EU). These are roads made for motorcycling. The view continuously changed from great nature to small Romanian villages, including tiny churches and large religious crosses.

Through the beautiful scene, Wave proved her(?)self once more. Not only did it survive the day, it exhausted ourselves before exhausting its batteries. By the time we had to swap the first pack, we already changed most of our chauffeurs and the rider himself!

After the border, the scenery became even more impressive. Bulgaria started with some roadworks, testing the offroad potential of Wave. The roads were narrower, curved through even tinier villages and closer flora, but also showed even wider views. We squeezed ourselves through a tiny hamlet with an old railway crossing. Signs were Russian now. Old GAZ trucks and Lada cars drove by, accompanied by horse and carriage. Also, people did not understand English anymore.

At one stop, we had to use hand signs to explain a man that we would leave in ten minutes and shouldn't pay for parking. Minutes later, I myself suffered a bloody nose and the man offered me to lie on the bed he had there. When I explained by hand signs that that wasn't necessary, he showed me a sink to refresh myself.

The changing culture, other alphabet, and increasingly beautiful surroundings made more and more clear: this really is a world tour. Impressed by the last few days, we realize more and more how many more impressions there are to come.

For a feel of home, Laurens and Bob today initiated a great morale booster: EMC radio. Their vehicle suddenly announced some EMC testing on a certain radio frequency, and after a few moments the teams favorite songs, accompanied by various humorous jingles sounded simultaneously in all our core convoy vehicles. Our own pirate radio station, to help us on our journey.

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