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New design unveiled AT partner event XL

Eindhoven, May 12, 2016

STORM has unveiled a newly designed motorcycle. This motorcycle, of which 2 are now in production, will be used to cover the 26.000 km during the STORM World Tour.

The technical part of the new design includes weight reduction, improved reliability (electrically and mechanically), a more comfortable seat position, built-in navigation and more power. Very visible are the new looks: a blue striped black bodywork with a fresh looking front.

The presentation to which STORM partners were invited, did not only show the new design, but also provided insights in the 80 day challenge. Cultural, legislative and logistic challenges have been shared as background information for the events that STORM have during the tour.

After the official program, partners shared their ideas in interactive sessions and visited the information market and the exhibition of prototype 'Pulse'. Partners in the construction of Pulse also got the chance to provide input on the online tracking platform that is being constructed for the World Tour.

In the coming months, new parts are expected to be delivered after which assembling will start. Just 93 days to go until the start event in Eindhoven: august 14 th 2016!

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