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Oh oh, San Francisco - By Remco Mulders

San Francisco, October 7, 2016

Oh oh, San Francisco, you made us realize our World Tour adventure is definitely not over yet! Waking up with the smell of oil and last night's spilled beers, that is what it's like to travel around the world in 80 days. After a cozy night between motorcycles at the Piston & Chains garage (explaining the smell) we woke up with some bad news. Three of our cars were broken into and one car was even missing! Luckily the missing car was only towed away making us realize however, that after traveling around 14 countries (even in the 'dangerous' middle east) we still have to be careful even in this 'safe' western country called the USA.

San Francisco was also the first time during our tour we got into contact with the down side of the USA. A lot of homeless people lying hopelessly in the corners of the streets. I startled myself on how visible the actual drug abuse and problems are in the streets of the city. And it was not only visible in the neighborhood we were staying in, since driving around in the city center didn't really help to change the image and was more revealing how big the actual problem is.

Luckily all these issues didn't kill our good spirit and we took our stuff making us ready for a busy day of events. Today the team was splitting up to manage the schedule, meaning that half of the team visited a big sponsor of ours called NXP and a school in San Jose. Personally I first went to a second sponsor called The Weather company to take some pictures in front of their main office. Afterwards we headed for the biggest event of the day together with Itility. They organized a STORM Hackathon at the famous Stanford University. This prestigious university, known for its famous Stanford Prison Experiment and people like John F. Kennedy (former US President) Tiger Woods (professional golfer) and Larry Page (Co-founder of Google) studying there, formed the decor of our Itility event. With Itility being a big sponsor of STORM they organized a lecture to do some analysis on the data that was gathered during the entire World Tour. The lecture room was divided into small groups that could analyze the data and come up with some new insights. Afterwards the teams presented their ideas into a small 1 minute pitch giving actually some really cool findings! For example, one team did an analysis on our data resulting in the fact that they could predict in which area we were driving (highway, city center, cross country) only based on our flasher light and break usage! Other teams could predict our sleeping rhythm based on the driving time or connectivity time of the motorcycle. With all these cool ideas the Hackathon came to an end making it a busy but great day! Let's get some rest and see what tomorrow will bring!

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