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On the road again!

Timisoara, Romania, August 17, 2016

Today was a benchmark in our 80 days around the world. We continued on the road once again, and we rode from Vienna (Austria) to Timisoara (Romania) without any problems!

This night, our team members from Stuttgart came back with a motorcycle and the spare parts we need for the other. They arrived at 02:00 in the night and a team was ready to begin working once they came. All through the night, in various shifts, our team worked to get the motorcycle running again. And they succeeded.

This morning when we all gathered at the Technical University in Vienna, where the rest of the team got the happy message: today, we can ride to Romania. You should have seen the joy on our faces when we realized: we can continue our journey!

Our front team went first and reported a lot of rain during their scouting journey. Luckily, Wave creates smiles on everyone's faces and therefore the sun shined the entire trip for Wave. We swapped twice during the route, and passed two country borders. At the border to Romania, we were stopped by the customs. The rest of us had to wait beyond the border for the motorcycle to cross for quite some time. Not because something was wrong, but because they were so enthusiastic to see the motorcycle.

In Romania, more specifically Timisoara we stay at the students from the Polytech university. In a local bar we gave a small presentation and of course demonstration with a driving wave.

Furthermore the batteries are charged in the sockets scattered across the building to ensure we can ride again tomorrow!

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