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Received like royalty - By Senja Boom

Qazvin, August 25, 2016

I have lost track of what day it is today. What I do know is that we left this morning from an absolutely beautiful hotel, where us ladies slept in the most luxury hotel room with a view. This was a bit of compensation for the fact that we have to cover our hair, wear long black robes and do not get handshakes from men. They don't mean any disrespect, on the contrary, women are treated like queens, but it still feels awkward when the guys sitting to your left and right get high fives, while you are ignored.

From the hotel we drove to the university of Tabriz. It was beautiful. We were hosted in an official conference hall, with 200 microphones, 10 screens and cameras everywhere. At the opening the national anthems of Iran and the Netherlands were played. Since I have a huge sleep shortage by now, hearing the Wilhelmus was enough to make me shed a proud tear. During the presentations that followed the same sleep shortage caused me to drift away into exciting daydreams of fighting pirates, because the Tabriz university introduction video used the complete Pirates of the Caribbean theme song.

After presentations from the mayor of Tabriz, the president of the Tabriz university and our own Jeroen we went outside for a demonstration.of the motorcycle. Of course we didn't make our deadline of leaving at 11:00 because an infinite amount of pictures had to be taken, but if it were up to them we would have stayed all day.

Furthermore we received a very nice gift for the mayor of Eindhoven which we will of course deliver to him when we get back!

Now, 12 hours later we have arrived at a beautiful hotel with both standing and sit down toilets (though we have already clogged one of the sit down toilets), a big-ass tv and large lounging couches. We have had dinner at a beautiful restaurant, where we had something other than kebab for the first time since we arrived in Iran and it was delicious. Interesting as well because we ate without tables and with our shoes off, which brought some extra odors to the meal.

Now it's 00:00, we had our daily meeting and it's going to be a really good night of sleep. We'll keep you posted!

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