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Relaxing in Almaty - by Senja Boom

Almaty, September 10, 2016

After many days of high speed driving through countries that I wish I could see more of it was nice to have an extra day in Almaty for some sightseeing. The morning started relaxed with a presentation at the university.

Upon our arrival at the university we found out that there were several more student teams who had built electric vehicles. One of them was an electric tricycle, designed to drift with, which we were allowed to drive. It completely brought back the child in everyone. Maurice was the first one to try and half a minute later he was racing and spinning across the parking lot. All went well, with a slight hiccup when Brian almost knocked some people of their socks, and soon people were asking if they could drive our motorcycle as well.

We didn't let anyone drive our motorcycle, but we did allow two of the nicest looking girls and the rector to sit on the back of the motorcycle during our demonstration. The crowd went wild, especially when they saw the rector in his fancy suit sitting with his knees up to his shoulders on the back of our bike.

The demonstration was followed by the most luxurious lunch so far. We had chocolate puff cakes, fruit, tuna sandwiches, salmon sandwiches, cheese sandwiches and more, all served outside in the sun. I was full after my first plate, but still went for seconds and thirds.

I was with a bit of a bellyache that I went shopping in Almaty with Maartje and Michelle, while others went to the top of the mountain near the city. It took us a while to find some nice shops, but when we finally did find a place to shop, we really hit the jackpot. We had arrived at the most outrageous shopping mall I have ever seen. They had an indoor amusement park, indoor ice skating, huge aquaria with sharks and every store you could think of. We ended up spending way too much money before we met up with Bram and Laurens for a beer and a burger.

The burger, though it was from Burger King, seemed fresh and healthy compared to the greasy pizzas that were waiting for us at the dorm with a 2 cm thick layer of semi-clotted cheese. It was a quick dinner and quickly to bed, because we would have to wake up at 5:00 AM the next morning.

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