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Eindhoven, June 26, 2015

We are happy to announce that Sapa Extrusion Benelux will supply the aluminium cartridge cases for the STORM motorcycle! Sapa manufactures and develops parts, for example for special vehicles, such as electrical, energy efficient or hybrid systems. Their extrusion techniques offer vast form freedom, which meets STORM's needs perfectly. In this cooperation, Sapa shows very well how essential aluminum is to vehicles of the future.

Sapa's facility in Drunen, that recently received STORM team member Bram van Diggelen, is experienced in the production of similar products, such as battery cases for hybrid cars.The test run took place previous week in Drunen, which went very well according to Bram. In two weeks the cases will be tailored and anodized to our needs. The next step will then be to assemble the cartridges!

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