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Say yes to everything - By Maurice Poot

LA, October 10, 2016

There's this rule Joost and I use: Always say yes to everything. You know why? Because then crazy stuff starts to happen. Sometimes you don't have to do anything for it to happen, but it's especially rewarding when we have some free time. Then the crazy stuff happening is in your own circle of influence. And no, it's not that we need free time to see crazy stuff happening, it's also just part of daily life at STORM Stichting Eindhoven. Sometimes we see ourselves as crazy people, actually we are, but that's not in our circle of influence.

In a single day I've slept in a beautiful villa on a hill, where we finally experienced a cold night and saw Bambi in real life. We got little school children enthusiastic for electric mobility and traveling, while I was asked if I can dab. We drove on one of the most precious highways of America, unexpectedly saw fat seals throwing sand on their backs. We drove past the houses of the most famous people in the world while I guided the craziest students I know through the city we actually "know" pretty well from the game Grand Theft Auto. We plugged in some weird futuristic aluminum boxes that we call "chargers" and that could be potential bombs at the Downey Police Department and we got to know the meaning of the YMCA song by taking a shower there.

This was a summary of what I remember of that day. I really hope that you now feel the same thing I feel when lying in my bed. Amazed and flabbergasted by the craziness. It's hard to fall asleep with these thoughts, luckily there are some 'medicines'. The one I had that day was a skateboard. I found it in the art gallery called Stay where we spent the night in Downey. Riding that skateboard, doing some tricks, lets you lose your mind for a minute. The combination of physical and mental energy required to do it gave me this feeling of home. It's amazing how the brain processes impulses and how feelings are the product of it. Throughout the tour we have these moments, they are precious and for everybody different. At every place where we sleep we got to find them, and saying yes to everything is the way to go.

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