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Secret bars - By Roan Kusters

Parijs, October 30, 2016

Because the motorcycle and batteries have not arrived yet, the whole team is off today. Only a few of us are arranging our finish event 2 November or are waiting for news regarding our beautiful motorcycle and batteries from Chicago.

Around 8:00 AM I woke up because my roommates, Bart and Bob, just returned from Paris, where they enjoyed an awesome techno party on a boat in the Seine. There are only a few team members up for breakfast. The rest is probably still sleeping after their wild club night.

I'm up however, and I'm going to see the city with Laurens. We start with a mission: Laurens is out of clean shirts and is wearing an old white t-shirt so we can find something cooler to wear and find some bars! It was a nice day, travelling by train to Châtelet - Les Halles, in the heart of Paris, and from there strolling through the shopping area of Le Marais looking for something cool to wear. After we had both succeeded we treated our selves to a pint of beer in an Irish pub.

While drinking our pints we were trying to find out the location of one of the "secret" bars in Paris. A secret bar is a bar with a hidden entrance. The concept was created during the reclamation in the US during the 1930's, when alcohol was forbidden. They usually only sell liquor and cocktails in these bars. While we were having some cocktails I read in our app that our motorcycle has arrived and that some of our guys are already getting it, great!

Laurens and I went on to visit some more hidden bars and finally a club, where a nice older woman asked me to dance to Time of my life. There we closed the evening and we took an Uber back to the hotel. It's too bad that Uber is not allowed in the Netherlands, it's a great concept and it only takes seconds to get an Ubertaxi back to your hotel at the best price.

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