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Seeing New York - By Bob de Vries

New York, October 26, 2016

Yesterday I spent the whole day in a warehouse in the port, today I spent the day seeing the rest of New York. We don't get many days off to really see the city since we're always on a busy schedule. Everyone got to have a day off in New York however. Today was my scheduled free day. I went out with Bart and Jules for some sightseeing.

First on the schedule are the tourist places you need to go to. Nobody is going to believe you were in New York if you don't have a picture of you with Times Square, Wall Street and the Empire State building. So you go there. You take the pictures. All of these tourists places are pretty nice everywhere, New York is no different, but all of these places usually fail to give an idea of what the place is really like. They're packed with people who aren't anything like the New York people are. Tourists are the same wherever you go.

After collecting enough pictures to prove that I did indeed visit New York we moved away from the tourist spots. After some wandering around we found an okay looking restaurant adequately named "Good enough to eat". The waitress told us about how she was a fashion designer while we drank the cheapest wine on the menu and I ate meatloaf for the first time in my life.

After this we tried our luck going out in Manhattan, which was surprisingly hard. We spent most of the evening going from shitty empty bar to shitty empty bar, drinking the most expensive beers of my life. Eventually we found a bar with people somewhere deep in Manhattan. Good music, good people. We went to sleep at a comfy 2 o'clock in the city that never sleeps.

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