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Still going strong! - By Joost Lammers

Quchan, August 28, 2016

After waking up in Gorgan, the 8 hours of sleep felt as a gift from heaven. Because I was not used to so many hours of sleep anymore, it also made me a little hungry. So just even more than the other days in Iran, the 'pancake bread' with honey was a rubbery success. During the night, the local electricity grid charged our cartridge full again and after breakfast we were ready to go!

Perhaps it is starting to get boring for you but Wave finished the day again without any problems. For the technical team, this is a huge success. We have been analyzing, designing and building for two years, and each day we pass without any problems feels like a reward. But what could possibly go wrong? If the motorcycle rides 100 km, why wouldn't it make the next 100? Let me make some insights on why we are so happy ;). Of course it is obvious that the climate is constantly changing. Without any shadow, temperatures sometimes easily reach 40 degrees Celsius. I think it is clear for you that rain or too high temperatures could instantly damage the motorcycle, but imagine what happens on a small electric circuit board (like the magical electronic parts in your phone/computer you are using right now). Every day these circuit boards warm up and cool down. Each time this happens, all electric connections weaken, like a 'paperclip' is stretched in and out many times. Combined with the constant vibrations from the road, this could cause the electric connection to break and then, of course.. a broken motorcycle. Furthermore, if you have been here in Iran you have seen sand, much thin sand. And like dust in your room, after a while it will be everywhere. Even in our heavily sealed electronic boxes, and again.. this could damage the motorcycle. Then we are not even talking about the internal connection of the battery cells, the mechanical wear of our mainframe and our own imperfect designs. So basically this is why we are so happy and of course are very proud at the 4500 km without any problems in all these legendary beautiful landscapes.

So then we arrived in Quchan. I could tell you a nice story about how awkward strange our welcome at the university was, and how interested all the many not-english-speaking persons listened to our English speaking Daan, but let's not do that. Let's zoom in on how some of us were feeling this evening. First of all Jules, the poor sweetie. He ate a smashed peanut hidden in a salad … and this is not the best combination regarding his allergic for peanuts. After a few minutes, Jules became very ill and our first 'EPI-pen' was used. Sadly, we had to call 'SOS International' and Jules had to go to an Iranian hospital. We are very happy that Jules slept well during the night and the next day he was like Hercules again. Because I also have an allergy to peanuts, I really felt sad for him, but many thanks for tasting the salad first Jules! Half sleepy in my bed, I was thinking about how luckily I was during diner. But then my own stomach started to behave bad.. To conclude this in one sentence.. I was very hungry the next morning… Finally we have Bram. He was very cold during the night because he set the airco to hard. What a beast.

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