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STORM with NXP at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona

Eindhoven, February 12, 2016

The world around us is changing fast – and so are our lives. We drive in connected cars, we use our smartphones for everything from counting calories to online banking. The face of our cities is changing through interconnected traffic, intelligent transport systems and smart power grids. Technological innovations have become an intrinsic part of our daily lives. They influence how we perceive the world around us, how we interact, how we move, work, and live.

As the world is getting smarter, important questions arise: How can we trust the technology that we rely on every day? How can we make (e)-mobility more sustainable? What is needed to fully take advantage of technological innovations?

With ME & MY SMARTER WORLD, NXP Semiconductors wants to continue the dialogue we started at Mobile World Congress in 2015 with thought leaders, industry insiders and other inspiring people. Therefore we invite promising innovators onto our stage to present their product and share their vision of the future with us. In 2018 it is expected that 80% of innovation will come from start-ups. For companies like NXP it becomes more and more important to be part of an ecosystem with start-up companies and work together to develop new (future) use cases and focus on the challenges ahead of us.

STORM (Team) Eindhoven is driven by highly motivated students from Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands. They designed and built the world's first electric touring motorcycle that will circle the globe and convince the world of the capabilities of e-mobility with its classy design, practical modularity and improved safety.

The team envisions that sustainable transportation is the future. In 2016, the team will drive around the world in 80 days. During this world trip, they will charge their batteries on the existing electric grid and organize various events in major cities along the route.

To make this happen, intelligent mobility is key. STORM PULSE is not only a futuristic electric motorcycle but is also able to communicate with the infrastructure and other devices such as drones and cars. This improves road safety and offers the possibility to optimize journey times.

At Mobile World Congress Yuri Steinbuch will present STORM PULSE, demonstrate NXP technology and give his vision on how innovation can drive future mobility concepts.

Maurice Geraets, senior director new business at NXP, will lead the discussion after the STORM pitch with contributions from Erik Huisinga, regional sales manager Europe at Zero Motorcycles and Ad van Berlo.

Ad van Berlo, Professor TU/e and Chairman at VanBerlo Group, will discuss the role that universities play in promoting innovation but he will also focus on the security and ethical aspects of connected mobility.

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