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The biggest wind chime of the world - By Bart van Oorschot

Richmond, October 20, 2016

Normally you wake up by the sound of a car horn or some other sound in a noisy city. Normally, but not this time. This time we woke up in a nice cabin in the middle of a very quiet forest. It's the best when you wake up and smell the pine trees. We got up at 6:50 and got some breakfast from the Christian camp. It was a good breakfast with pancakes, sausage and fruit.

First stop was the Saint Louis University, we drove there as a convoy with the motorcycle in the front. When we arrived they had some fresh coffee ready and that's always a good start. Here we gave a presentation to the students that were present, had some little talks and were on the road once again.

This time we (car 1 and 5) drove ahead of the motorcycle. It was a long drive, more than 600 km and the only thing I saw was rain. We made a stop in a very small town next to the highway, for some drinks and a toilet of course. This is when we find an advertisement for the biggest wind chime in the world. Al day we had seen nothing but highway, so let's go see this exciting wind chime.

And there it was, the biggest wind chime of the world and behind it the biggest chair in the world. Even the biggest ruler was found in this small town. All by all, very exciting stuff.

We drove on to Richmond to the house of a Kawasaki dealer. When we arrived he(Kelly) had dinner ready, more than enough for all of us. However, the rest of the team with the motorcycle had not arrived. Because of all the rain of that day, some water had come into the inverter. And so they had to get the motorcycle dry again. A lot of work, but luckily not for us. We could chill and drink some nice cold beers. Even play a game of chess, where I can happily tell you I won the game against Joost.

That night we had a very cozy evening because we had to fit 25 people in a family house. But it was no problem at all, our amazing host had arranged everything. There were some beds that we could sleep in and for the rest every bit of open space in the house was taken with our field beds.

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