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The Capital of the USA - By Daan Kempenaar

Washington D.C., October 23, 2016

Today we rode to the capital of the USA: Washington D.C. It promised to be a beautiful day. Normally we ride the fastest and most convenient route to our destination. This means a boring and fast ride over the highway. But today we decided to ride a beautiful route on the country roads and take our time for the ride. There was a relaxed ambiance within the team and we enjoyed the nice sights along our way.

This time we didn't stop for lunch at a gas station, simply because there weren't any. So we had to stop at a local farm for a local lunch, too bad for us… At the farm they also sold pumpkins for Halloween and there was a slingshot for shooting pumpkins. Maurice was willing to volunteer as chicken and target to shoot at. It was a nice intermezzo in our otherwise busy schedule. Such small things as this visit to the farm can make you realize how cool our trip around the world really is.

Our trip continued and the highlight of today still had to come. With that in mind we wanted to reach our destination in time. Unfortunately the two trucks took a wrong turn in Washington and instead of going directly to the Dutch residence (our sleeping location) we took a small detour to the center and the National Mall, turning it into a fortunate detour. We could already get a glimpse of the Washington Monument which is iconic for the capital.

After dropping our baggage and batteries at the Dutch Residence we were ready to really go to the National Mall and see all the highlights. Of course the motorcycle would come with us. It was a quite memorable moment to be at the place which is so iconic among the world and can be seen in many famous movies. We could see the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial, the US Capitol and of course the residence of President Obama, the White House. This is the place where the United States is controlled and with it a large part of the world. It was such a great feeling to have the motorcycle here at a place which we could only dream of before we embarked on our 80 days tour. A memorable moment to never forget.

Our day didn't end there but it ended at the Dutch residence where we charged our motorcycle, had a nice pizza for dinner and a good place to sleep with the team. We were quite used to the luxury and grandeur of the buildings of the Dutch Residence, but this was the first time we got to sleep there. Although it was only in the basement it was still unique. It was one of those days we only get to experience on the STORM 80 days tour.

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