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The city that never sleeps, or not?

New York, October 25, 2016

One of the last days in New York City has to be a good one, am I right? That's exactly what Daan and I thought when we were sitting in an Uber, ordered after missing the train to Manhattan. We were about to party in NYC, which was an hour before this day officially started, only 19 hours to spend in NYC. Realizing this, and knowing that the big apple is the city that never sleeps, we knew we had to pull an all-nighter to get the most out our time.

Arriving in Manhattan we hopped from bar to pub while we actually wanted to go to a club. Not knowing how the nightlife in NYC works, we encountered a problem: If you don't bring chicks, you gotta pay big (250$) moneys! Daan, Laurens and I had to skip this bar while the others enjoyed one of the best techno clubs. We said that it would be impossible to find some chicks on the sidewalk to get us in, so we walked away looking for a pub. One street further, I saw three girls walking towards us. I said: "Wait a second boys, I'll ask them for a pub". After (really!) 5 seconds we were asked to join them in a skybar some streets down in return for a piggyback ride. We didn't hesitate at all. Some minutes later we were on top of this high building with a view of the whole city, Manhattan, Empire State Building, and Statue of Liberty, drinking an 18 dollar long island ice tea. You can imagine the rest of the night…

At 4 AM the bars close… yeah really… we're were thinking the same, how is that possible in the city that never sleeps. We walked south to see the sunrise at Brooklyn Bridge, see the first people coming to Wall Street at the opening of the New York Stock Exchange, got a coffee in the McDonald's at 5 AM. We got to be the only tourists at the 9/11 Memorial and were the first up in the One World Trade Center.

Walking around all day gives you that feeling of New York City that is indescribable. It's that feeling that makes you fall in love with this amazing city. You've probably heard it before, I heard it too, but being there makes it so true. Being there gives you that familiar feeling.

Daan and I did some shopping in the H&M, became models in Central Park, and enjoyed the view of the city sitting in the rain on Top of the Rock on Rockefeller with an hot air ventilation in our back. And then it was time. Time to say goodbye to the city that never sleeps. We maximized our time and got the optimal experience of NYC.

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