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The last Stretch in the States - By Tim Meulenbroeks

New York, October 24, 2016

Today I woke up thinking back to Vienna, when we visited the residence of the Dutch consulate and when the future of the STORM world tour looked very grim. The residence in Washington D.C. felt very similar to the residence in Vienna and it made me recall the situation and compare it to the current state of affairs. We have survived the initial hardship of the first two days, we have driven STORM Wave through many different countries, climates and cultures and last but surely not least, I feel we have succeeded in fulfilling our goal of promoting electric transport. Add to that, the fact it was my birthday and the day could not have started any better.

After the event at the consulate in DC we were finally on our last stretch in the states and on the second last of the world tour! Thinking back on all of the technicalities we had at the start of the trip, the journey to New York went very smooth. I suppose this is the way it should feel for everybody in the future. Being able to enjoy electric transport in the same way as fossil fuel transport, but cleaner. Enjoying the ride with nothing else on your mind. Time flew by and before we knew it we were in Manhattan attending our final event of the day at IBM. The urban sprawl of New York was impressive. Unbelievable how densely packed a city can be and still seem organized. Sadly sightseeing had to wait because it was time to go to bed and start the shipping process in the morning. Our journey through the States had come to an end and we could start focusing on the most important part of all, returning home.

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