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To Columbus - By Michiel Kusters

Columbus, October 21, 2016

The day starts early when part of the group leaves from the friendly man that opened his house to us. Senja gave an entertaining presentation at the PAST foundation, to a lot of kids that were smarter than us... Another group went directly to the trade mission that was organised by Ellen Hiep at Ohio State University.

Ohio State University offers chances to students to work on for example an electric motorcycle, or the fastest electric vehicle in the world, the Buckeye Bullet. We got to see all their projects. We were a bit jealous of all the resources they have, and of how smooth some of their machines look. Talking to all the engineers that have built these machines was a lot of fun and educational as well.

At the same time, two of us went to the rental company to let someone look at the truck that broke down last night. It turned out to be a loose ground cable. Our engineering minds highly doubted that, but we'll see.

Then we were off to the sleeping place, a sort of community building called "the recreation center". We were able to charge our batteries there, and we could make use of all their facilities. Some of us even took an archery class. The people there were very welcoming, one of them spent the night there to make it possible for us to sleep there as well.

In the evening, two of us heard that they had to go to Chicago the next day to drop of Wave 1 (with batteries). Of course it is not nice to hear that you have to split off from the group, but they will join us again in New York.

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