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To San Francisco - By Bart van Oorschot

Sacramento, October 6, 2016

This day we woke up in the gym of High School Redding. When we arrived at the high school to get our charging racks the school was already up and running. The once deserted class where we put the batteries was now filled with students cooking pancakes.

After a quick picture with the principle of the high school and some students we were off to Sacramento. The road was one long stretch of highway, but for me it was some of the most beautiful highway I had ever seen. I didn't have a real image of the landscape of California in my head and what I saw really amazed me. The landscape was far more varied than I expected, from forest hills to sloping fields with wheat as far as the eye could see, with in the far background big mountains with white snowy tops. After a while we rode by swamps, riversides, green den forest and the mountains. The landscape just had everything.

Arrived in Sacramento we had a lunch at the Governors Office while we had a presentation of TomTom and STORM. The sandwiches especially were very tasty. What was quite nice was that Mister Hossack also joined the lunch, he is the inventor of the Hossack-suspension that has been implemented in the STORM wave. It was nice to see that he liked to see his invention in our motorcycle. We all together posed in front of the governor's office to take a beautiful picture after which we moved on to San Francisco.

Before we entered San Francisco we went to a middle school named Rio Linda. We were amazed by the effort they put into our arrival. The kids of the school painted some poster for our arrival and even drew a huge picture of all the team members. We were greeted with a lot of enthusiasm, which was very nice. Senja gave a presentation in the library that was once again received with a lot of enthusiasm. After this the kids made some electric cars themselves and we said our goodbyes to continue the last miles to San Francisco.

When we neared San Francisco you could immediately see what a giant city it is. Lights everywhere with a massive skyline in the center. Our destiny here is Piston and Chain, a motor shop. We thought we would just make our beds and maybe go see the city, instead the whole shop was filled with bikers and they had some ice cold beers waiting for us. This was a great surprise and we had a very nice evening.

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