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To Xinyang - By Bob de Vries

Xinyang, September 22, 2016

We had cake for breakfast. Chinese people don't seem that into breakfast, at least not in the way we are. So when you try to get breakfast you'll end up with garlic pancakes, sweet hairy pizza bread or something else you've never imagined. Today was cake. Alongside the cake we had a bread filled with whipped cream. I'm still not sure if the Chinese are doing this because they think it's funny or if they really breakfast like that.

After breakfast we drove the G40 for 480 km. Driving a single road for 480 km is never fun. Today was a little better then most days since the surroundings are pretty nice. You have the Chinese hills with different levels like you see in the movies. Sadly the farmers are mostly growing corn, instead of rice like in the movies.

An integral part of travel in China is getting/keeping the motorcycle on the highway. Most of the roads are toll roads. All of the toll gates have security and some even have police. Motorcycles are NOT allowed on these roads so we used mixed tactics of sneaking past, sprinting past and showing flyers. So every time we near in on a toll road the motorcycle drives on the right of a van that's taking the most right toll gate. Then it sprints away as soon as the gate opens. If the gate doesn't open we show flyers until it opens. All through this the toll operators usually just look confused at us silly dutch guys.

We arrived at the Jiangpu Campus as planned. Students were a little younger than we expected, around 16/17. Somehow most of audiences are also girls, so a lot of giggling happened. Presenting an electric motorcycle to giggling Chinese school girls is a weird experience. China is weird.

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