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Two Waves - By Michiel Kusters

Urumqi, September 15, 2016

After a very cold night's sleep in a cabin in the abandoned villa park we continued our work on both our Waves. Yesterday evening we already started taking apart Wave 2, to be able to install the SmeshGear today. Wave 1 had an insulation problem which we also had to fix.

Installing the SmeshGear turned out to be a piece of cake. That does not mean that it is working now, as the software still has to be developed. For Wave 1 we already found the problem when we were stuck at the traffic police, it had something to do with shielding of cables making contact with things they should not make contact with. Nothing we can't fix of course!

Somewhere mid-day we were able to ride with both Waves for the first time ever! The feeling when me and Laurens were testing both motorcycles to the max was indescribable. We enjoyed it so much we took some of our team members and our guides on the passenger's seat to drive some laps around the park.

But STORM would not be STORM if we did not encounter some problems afterwards. For some reason, some of the batteries are not able to be switched on in Wave 2. A nasty problem when you consider that tomorrow we need to ride over 600 km. Luckily we still have another Wave! However, another evening of debugging and testing is necessary.

In the meantime, some of the team members butchered a lamb which we had for a nice barbecue. Of course also the evening has to be productive, so we had an evaluation about how things are going within the team. This is the moment where small irritations can be discussed, and we find out what we can do better as a team.

Although we did not drive today, it was a very productive but tiring day. Luckily we were able to go to sleep again in the cabin. We need all the sleep we can get, as the next day is a hard one…

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