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Unveiling of the first electric touring motorcycle STORM Pulse

Eindhoven, October 1, 2015

This very evening, STORM Pulse was unveiled on the Eindhoven University of Technology campus. Starting with a team of 30 students in 2014, the team has been in the project process for about a year now. After the design unveiling, in March 2015, and assembly of the prototype, the time has finally come to show STORM Pulse to the world.

This unique motorcycle has a mind-boggling 380 kilometer range, exceeding the boundaries set by its competition with ease. The battery pack's energy can be easily renewed by using fast charging and battery swapping. This enables the driver to swap batteries. These features enable STORM to travel very far in only one day, unlocking new challenges.

A challenge set by STORM will take place in 2016, and was christened STORM World Tour. By relying on the existing infrastructure, STORM will complete a mission of 80 days. We are supported in this mission by a network, that from now on will be known as STORM Grid. The STORM Grid is a network of supporters that offer facilities and charging points to STORM. Think of these supporters as plug-in points on the STORM Grid, formed by individuals, companies or universities. This means anyone can become a part of this network: you can too. Click this link to enroll, and become a part of the STORM Grid!

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